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bul. Pushkina, 5, room. 5409, tel. (05366) 3-10-15.
8.18010012 Innovation management
Qualifications: Master of innovation management
8.03050401 Business Economics
Qualifications: Master's degree in economics
7.03050401 Business Economics
Qualification: Specialist in economics
6.030504 Business Economics
Qualifications: BA in economics
      Department of Economics was founded in 1990 as the Department of Economics and Management to ensure regional enterprises own specialists of the profile. Its first head was appointed Associate Professor Yuriy I. Kravchenko. This period in the life of the department celebrated as the stage of development, understanding of the formation and further directions of motion, determine the list of professional discipline and hard work of the staff and methods of teaching.
The development of economic relations in Ukraine, gradual stabilization and rise of almost all sectors of the economy, increased understanding of enterprise managers essence of market processes and factors that can effectively influence the course of events that resulted in a more precise selection criteria for young professionals, and it resulted in significant improvement requirements level of specialization. Accordingly, as a result of gradual evolution, with the purpose to increase the quality of education and compliance with the objective needs of the time, there was a separation into independent units of department "Accounting and Auditing" (1999), "Economic Theory" (2001), "Marketing "(2001).
Department of Economics graduates specialty "Banking" by educational levels bachelor, specialist and master and is part of the Faculty of Economics, is a major educational and research units of the University, which conducts educational and research activities. The training provides highly qualified teaching staff, including 4 doctors and 4 professors, 6 candidates and 6 associate professors.
The department provided the university teaching 67 subjects with various specialties. These disciplines are fully equipped working, training programs and guidance of its own design. During operation of the department have been developed and implemented test system for testing student, expert systems based on computer class. The department is introducing in the educational process of modern computer technology.
Based on the provisions of the Concept of scientific, technological and innovation development of Ukraine approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of 13.07.1999 № 916-14 g., CMU № 1728-r dated 08.27.10 "On Approval of the Action Plan on Development of Higher Education by 2015, "the main purpose of the Department of Economics KrNU Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi is ensuring innovative nature of higher education, integration of science, education and production in order to develop appropriate innovation infrastructure in the region and Ukraine as a whole, which would provide an innovative process, would contribute to competitiveness national economy and the effective use of national scientific and technological potential.
The main focus of management and faculty today as at the beginning of this work is to ensure the proper level of teaching subjects according to educational and qualification requirements for the specialty "Banking", adding, modifying and updating accordingly goal and methodological basis, increasing human capacity.
The main task of the department is to create conditions in which the possible use of advanced teaching methods, first of all, implementation of the work of teachers and students of computer systems and networks, and software to support them, modern mathematical methods of analysis and forecasting and more.
The quality of teaching and availability of information perception by students directly dependent on the professional level, Luggage theoretical knowledge and practical experience of their application. This causes the constant attention of teachers and post-graduate students to improve their academic qualification and experience and level.
In the years 2012-2014 by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Kremenchuk University for the basic institution of higher education for the second round of Ukrainian student research on environmental economics and environmental protection. The organization of the competition and was assigned to the Department of Economics.
In early 2013, the university opened a specialized scientific advice K 45.052.02 on defense of theses for the degree of candidate of economic sciences, specialty 08.00.04 - economics and management (by economic activity), which head is the head of the Department of Economics, Doctor of Economics, Professor Olga Maslak. And for 3 July this year, defended the first Ph.D. thesis.
Last years the Department of Economics provides scientific cooperation with the Kyiv National Economic University, Kharkiv National Technical University "KPI" Petrashanskym University (Romania), University of Magdeburg (Germany), University of Miskolc (Hungary).