Department of Economics
Head of Department Olga Maslak, Doctor of Economics, Professor.
Olga Maslak Doctor of Economics, Professor Professor, Head of Department Intellectual property, personnel management, international management, international economics, fundamentals of research, strategic management, strategic analysis, project management, financial sanitation enterprises, financial management, university education (Business Economics), pricing
Didur Sergey Doctor of Economics, Professor Professor Financial Markets, performance management firms
Pererva Peter Doctor of Economics, Professor Professor Budgeting economic entities, planning and control of the enterprise

Odintsov Mikhail 

Ph.D., Associate Professor Professor Information systems and technologies in the enterprise, economic diagnosis, justify business decisions and risk management
Vorobeva Larisa Ph.D., Associate Professor Docent Business Economics, organization, planning and production management, production and marketing, entrepreneurship and business culture
Bala Vladimir Ph.D., Associate Professor Docent Business Economics, logistics, organization planning and production control
Kwiatkowskaya Lubov Ph.D., Associate Professor Docent Investment analysis, labor economics and social and labor relations, environmental economics, economics and finance companies, and enterprise development potential, market mechanisms for sustainable enterprise development, enterprise management capabilities
Chernenko Victor Ph.D., Associate Professor Docent Operations research, econometrics, econometrics, economic dynamics simulation, mathematical programming and optimization methods and models, statistics
Pirogov Dmitry Ph.D., Associate Professor Docent Investment, internal economic mechanism of business, economics and organization of associations of undertakings, economics and organization of associations of undertakings, economics and industrial engineering, business case research and technical solutions, economic analysis in power consumption, industrial engineering, standardization and certification products and Services
Grishko Natalia Ph.D., Associate Professor Docent
Crisis management, business economics, economic security, capital of the enterprise: the formation and use of, the business of enterprise project analysis
Financial Markets, university education (Business Economics), project management, financial management, readjustment of the enterprise, finance entity, financial reorganization and bankruptcy, financial management
Maslak Vladimir Ph.D., Associate Professor Docent Basic scientific research, methods of teaching economic disciplines
Ischenko Svetlana - Senior Lecturer Budgeting economic entities, economics and organization innovation, economic analysis, planning and control of the enterprise, systems analysis in economics, strategic management, theory of economic analysis
Kulinichev Peter - Senior Lecturer Practical training
Konovalenko Alexander Ph.D., Associate Professor Docent Project Management

Lozoviyk Dmitry

- Assistant

Operations research, information systems and technologies in the enterprise, econometrics, econometrics, economic diagnostics, mathematical programming, methodology of economic sciences, economic dynamics modeling, simulation entrepreneurship, economic justification and risk management solutions, Optimization Methods and Models, Basic scientific research and applied software economics, statistics, performance management firms

Bezruchko Olga - Assistant Business Economics, capacity and enterprise development, labor economics and Labor Relations, Project Management, Enterprise potential
Pryakhina Catherine - Assistant Labor Economics and Labor Relations, intra-enterprise economic mechanism.
Trunina Irina Ph.D., Associate Professor Professor International Management, Economics and Organization of associations of businesses on the stock market, and the potential development of the company